All the features of the Google Algorithm are taken into consideration by the search engines to provide the best results to the visitors. If your site satisfies all the criteria, you would be able to enjoy a success in your internet marketing business. Google Algorithm – What They Mean

Google Algorithm is very crucial. It is the unseen thing that most of the internet marketers are unaware of.

The Google Algorithm is nothing but the ‘Cookies’ of Google. It is the information that they collect from their users from search engine. The goal of these is to ensure that their users get relevant results when they search for specific keywords.

All internet marketers should know how the Google Algorithm works and what it can do to their website. This would help them out in driving traffic and be a success.

The Google Algorithm includes the following features:

Google does not allow duplicate content on the same page of your site. Duplicate content is a form of spamming. A site owner could risk getting his site penalized if he posts the same content on multiple pages of his site.

All the pages of your site should be related to each other and ranked equally, preferably above each other. There should be no missing pages in the search engine results for your site.

Every page of your site should contain a link from its respective page to another page in your site. This also means that all your pages must have a backlink from your home page.

Google needs to know whether you are selling high quality or low quality products. This means that your site content must be rich in relevant content. It should also contain high quality informational content.

Your site should not have spam advertising on it. It should only contain useful and informative material.

Your site must not have ads and other products to make money. This is done to avoid the blacklisting of websites that only cause confusion.

You must avoid linking your site to spam sites or non-compliant sites. Links from non-compliant sites are considered as a spamming tool by Google and they might even blacklist your site.